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Travel tips for traveling solo

1. Manage your expectations

You won’t be able to see the entire country. Get your head around that, set your priorities and decide where you want to go. You can have a shorter stay in some places but balance it out by staying longer in other places.

2. Americans are very friendly.

Unless you’re in a major city, expect to be greeted on the street with a “Good morning!” or at least a nod. And in major cities, you can ask anyone for a little help. It’s a point of national pride for them.

3. Buy health insurance before you leave.

The American healthcare system does not cover travelers to the US and it can be very expensive so make sure you’re covered before you leave home.

4. Savor the local food.

While the US is known for large chain restaurants, there are distinct regional cuisines as well. From the bagels of New York City to the beignets of New Orleans, the US has fabulous food.

5. The weather varies.

At some point in the year, almost every place in the US is really hot. There are also parts of the country that get much colder than most of the world experiences. Check the seasonal weather patterns before you go.

6. Avoid the busiest travel time.

From American Thanksgiving to New Years is the busiest travel time in the US. People go home to attend family gatherings and the prices of flights within the country go up. Try avoiding this time of year for traveling.

7. Embrace the new.

The United States is a young country compared to most of the world but in the last century and a half, it has rotated through multiple architectural styles that have not been affected by war.

8. Before you go for a walk.

Some city centers are alive and vibrant while others are somewhat vacant, especially at night. Walking in the suburbs may be a challenge as sometimes there are no sidewalks. Check with a local first before you go for a walk.

9. A bus is the cheapest way to go.

MegaBus is renowned for its cheap deals. Greyhound is the traditional bus service in the United States.

10. Know your highways.

Two-digit highways often go directly through cities while three-digit roads go around them. Odd-numbered highways run north to south and even-numbered ones run east-west.

11. Use state and city welcome centers.

Many states have welcome centers at the state line of major highways. They offer great information for visitors including help with booking accommodation. They often have amazing deals on last-minute bookings if you’re on a road trip.

12. National Parks.

The National Parks of America is stunning. Each one is unique and well-cared-for. If you’re an outdoor person you’ll want to visit at least once.

13. The shopping is fabulous.

But, unlike many countries, the price tag on an item is not the final price. Sales tax is added at the cash register. The prices in the US are really good but you have to add in the state sales tax to get the final bill. Black Friday, the day after American Thanksgiving, is the hottest shopping day of the year.

Traveling solo anywhere in the world is fulfilling to the soul and mind but before you set your foot outside your home, there are some points you need to keep in mind. Here is a checklist that is key for a great solo trip. This will ensure your fun and safety.