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Top luxury trip trends

Imagine that moment, when you are standing on a hilltop of a place many miles away and shouting “Carpe Diem” like a typical travel freak, standing against the moving hands of a clock and the bunch of those people who are no less than a ‘Humanoid AI’, burdening their brains under the mental pressure of work. If you have got bitten by the travel bug, then you must not miss out on these amazing luxury travel trends which are time beyond than what we call “just a vacation”:

When you want to experience the “never-experienced”-


As per the reports of Travel Weekly Asia, an array of individuals want to travel to experience what’s “beyond the ordinary”, so as to get the gist of what ‘reality’ is all about. Such travel trends, what we believe is, more a personal sort of affair. The list includes travelling to unusual places to interacting with communities to dwell in their local culture. These experiences go above and beyond the traditional tourist activities and even extend to permanent stays too!

A “healthy” escape-


While matching steps with the growing demand in healthy food and lifestyles, retreat-style holidays are gaining popularity. This is poles apart from the usual concept of what a vacation used to be about, which was, a couple of weeks of indulgence to celebrate this time as the wonderful ‘cheat time’ from your healthy diet. With stress being the number 1 killer, people are seeing this as a time to recalibrate, de-stress, and make some big life changes. From meditation to yoga classes, nutritious personalized meals to facilities like spa and in-villa gyms, everything is available under the sHumanly “untouched” places-

There has been a many years long cut-throat competition within the luxury industry of holidaymakers to seek out what is different from the usual travel routes. Going somewhere, where not many footprints were placed gives a feeling of excitement and encompasses an air of exclusivity. However, it is worth noting that even the most hyped holiday destinations can still offer a sense of untarnished nature-hugged places. Places like the islands of Phuket and Koh Samui and Bali in Indonesia.

Cooking at a home away from home-

The food-pedia is now full of Knowledge about different cuisines, with a greater appreciation for good quality dishes. Experimenting local restaurants, including gourmet eateries in destinations such as Phuket, many tourists are trying to create such replicas. Thai ingredients make up some of the world’s most palatable culinary delights. From the Thai’s strong affinity for spicy food to their delectable Thai desserts, equating the salty, sweet, sour, and hot taste sensations is deliciously enjoyable with private cookery classes at your luxury villa near the Andaman Sea or the Gulf of Thailand. It’s not just limited to creating great food; it is an insight to the heart of a country and its culture too.


The green lands-

Tourists are now in tune with environmental awareness, with a more conscious effort to be part of a sustainable world. This trend is taking its ladder to the top, with studies suggesting that many a people want to book an “eco-friendly” stay. This implies a greater emphasis on making nature-friendly choices once tourists reach the spot. AFAR magazine suggests that while one-third of travel spending comes from a small percentage of the population, according to ILTM, the travel industry is listening to Gen Z. While this generation is only pacing up, they are bringing social conscience along with wiser future spending decisions.