No yoga studio nearby? Recreate a hotel gym or studio experience in your living room with a set of weights, a cushioned yoga mat and a set of grippy, sticky socks for complex barre and stretching routines. Find free yoga classes online from CorePower Yoga, and choose a chill playlist to enhance your relaxation.

With these easy upgrades, you can stay calm and relax on — from the comfort of your home.

Bring the Scent of Travel Home

When you can’t go to the beach or the mountains, find vacation vibes in a bottle with spray scents and candles. Create a sleep sanctuary in your bedroom with calming lavender sleep spray spritzed on your pillow, or light a deep sleep candle or eucalyptus one packed with soothing spa-scented essential oils.

Use portable USB-powered diffusers to fragrance entire rooms with relaxing essential oils at the press of a button.