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Affordable stays for solo travelers in Europe

My bucket list is ready and so am I; off I go to a jolly ride around the world with my shadow as my companion, making all the little Sherlocks pry…. Dreaming about this every day and making it come true after a long long wait is no cakewalk, isn’t it? Who are we to disappoint you on your first ever trip, solo? For your comfy stay at an abode away from home, here we present best accommodations to you:

1. Luxury Hostels

Luxury hostels are new in town, for they are special in their own way that has emerged in the recent past. They are one level up than the ordinary. They have dorms, but also offer private suite, perfect for your “me” time. These hostels are en par with 5-star hotels and usually have that WOW factor that adds to the hosteling experience. From indoor swimming pools to rooftop bars, from stylish patios to parquet floors to in-house cinemas, there is a bountiful of experiences waiting to be tasted. Lisbon has many luxury hostels and Generator and Plus Hostels have constructed many around Europe.

2. Budget Boutique Hotels

They aim to bring the X-factor of a boutique hotel to a solo traveler, keeping in mind the bucks he has got. Sometimes they combine stylish design elements with artistic facilities. So how is the low-cost feature kept in vogue? Usually, the cost is backed by an element of self-service involved in the up-keep of the hotel, like a self-service cafeteria or a self-check-in. Sometimes they will be located in a suburb, near airports or away from central locations, which may serve the needs of a certain type of traveler.  Prominent accommodations include: Student Hotel in Amsterdam and Mama Shelter in Paris.

3. Homestay

Homestays are opportunities for the traveler to feel home-connected, when a cordial host opens up his/her home to offer you a truly “just like home” experience. The benefits include travel guidance from locals who can help you avoid the usual tourist traps and feed your mind with “food for travelling thought”. As a guest you need to connect with a local guest of your choice through the network, pay 15% of the entire cost when you book online and then pay the remaining upon arrival. The rates are charged as per the nights stayed. Some may offer discounted rates.


4. Warmshowers

This is a long chain of hospitality provided by cycling enthusiasts to fellow cyclists. It is free worldwide. The condition is that the members of the community must agree to host a fellow cyclist in the near future. A place to stay, which may be a room, a couch or a campsite is provided. This is a wonderful way to make cyclists bloom and develop a greater sense of community. The community is built on complete ‘give and take’ hospitality. They do accept donations but these are for the upkeep and maintenance.

 5. Camping in a garden

It is a wonderful gateway to use a homeowner’s private garden as a mini campsite. The facilities provided differ widely, from basic camping to lush glam-ping sites. The campsites are very well distributed currently all-over North America and Europe. An excellent option for those seeking an insight to regional festivals, markets and fairs and especially for those in need of a hush hush place to rest, away from the hustle and bustle.